Decision Intelligence: A Primer — Part 1

How I learned about Decision Intelligence and developed my own Decision Intelligence Navigator

Decision Intelligence: The Early Days

James G March: A true thought meader in management science — especially about how executives make decisions. Source: James G. March: A Primer on Decision Making, 1994, Simon & Schuster Ltd
Both academic papers had strong connections to IBM. Source: Internet links are provided above.

Decision Intelligence: My Personal Path

A collection of different initial thoughts about Decision Intelligence (Adithya Vasudevan & Roger Moser) from 2013. Source: Roger Moser
My first draft of what I later developed into the Decision Intelligence Navigator. Source: Roger Moser
Mastercard’s Decision Intelligence approach is very much focused on big data and a few but clearly defined frameworks. Sources: Mastercard website
Dr. Roger Moser presenting about “Decision Intelligence” in Management Science & Practice in 2015. Source: Roger Moser / PPM School of Management, Indonesia.
Decision Intelligence Navigator 3.0 (4.0 is in the making). Source: Roger Moser
Probably the breakthrough for the Decision Intelligence concept: Google’s creation of a Chief Decision Scientist role in early 2018 that promotes Decision Intelligence internally and externally. Source: LinkedIn

Decision Intelligence: A New Era with Google

Different definitions of Google’s Decision Intelligence concept. Source: Statements from Cassie Kozyrkov
The Decision Intelligence Navigator in perspective of Google’s major Decision Intelligence elements. Source: Roger Moser
From Data to Action — Exhibit from an article on LinkedIn. Source: Roger Moser
Examples of how other tech companies are offering the same as Decision Intelligence. Source: Website Screenshots commented by Roger Moser.
One more insight from Albert Einstein. Source: See link above
Gartner started in 2018 with the first report on Decision Intelligence and since 2020 it’s part of Top 10 Data & Analytics Trends.

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