Decision Intelligence: A Primer — Part 2

The Decision Intelligence NAVIGATOR: Implications for Executives

Decision Intelligence Navigator (Version 3.0). Source: Roger Moser

Decision Context (#1)

From VUCA to the INSIGHT Level and CHANGE Level Matrix. Source: Roger Moser
Strategy (analysis/innovation) models show different levels of suitability for selected DECISION CONTEXTS. Source: Roger Moser
Selection of books on decision-making practices — however, what really matters is time to think.
Checklists are great but are often generic but don’t replace your own thinking & creativity in a specific decision-making challenge.

FIT = Decision Intelligence

Framework Proficiency (#2)

Mental model definition by Farnam Street & key message of Alain de Botton’s The New: A User’s Manual book
Well invested 90 seconds to learn more about mental models: Source: Farnam Street
How to improve your Framework Proficiency? Source: Roger Moser

Intelligence Access (#3)

Visual representation of all the data and analysis types and combinations that you need to have access to.

Decision Proficiency (#4)

From data to action: An overview of different ‘filters’ and ‘outputs’ along the way.
Great overview of 180+ cognitive biases on the path from data to insights and then to decisions and actions.
Survivorship Bias: Drawing conclusions from an incomplete set of data, because that data has ‘survived’ some selection criteria.

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