Decision Intelligence: A Primer — Part 3

SatSure Ltd.: The Case of a true Decision Intelligence Company

In this brief article, I want to exemplify what I mean when I talk about Decision Intelligence as a way to create competitive advantages.

In this context, I will introduce three additional concepts which are essential to understand how to implement a Decision Intelligence approach in practice:

  • Data Value Chain
  • Decision Model Innovation

In my previous article about the Decision Intelligence Navigator 3.0 I defined the concept of Decision Intelligence as the FIT between the intelligence requirements of an executive or company AND the executive’s and/or company’s intelligence gathering & processing capacities.

But before I continue this discussion, let me quickly introduce you to SatSure Ltd., a company that provides Decision Intelligence from space.

SatSure: Providing Decision Intelligence from Space.

Obviously, the “Decision Intelligence from Space” statement is only a part of the story but it summarizes well the two key features that differentiate SatSure Ltd. from other companies:

  • First, SatSure’s Mission is to provide Decision Intelligence for its customers. While this sound very obvious in the context of this article, the important issue here is what SatSure is not: It’s not a tech provider, it’s not a big data analytics company, it’s not a platform or a marketplace etc. What SatSure does at the core of its operations for all clients in all verticals is: It helps them to make better decisions. It doesn’t matter whether SatSure needs complicated algorithms and hundreds of different data sources for it or we can do this with a simple framework and some expert opinions…again, all SatSure does is to create an optimal FIT between a customer’s intelligence requirements and the best possible intelligence gathering & processing capacities.
  • Second, SatSure’s major Data Source are satellites (pictures). However, many customers of SatSure require many more data sources to be integrated into its analytics and visualization solutions and that’s why the company has heavily invested in its data integration capabilities. SatSure’s customers, however, don’t have to worry about which specific data they need. All they have to define for SatSure to create an optimal solution is their Decision-making Challenges…SatSure then does the rest and ‘automatically’ integrates the most suitable new technologies to gather, transfer, store, analyze or visualize data so that the customer can optimize one’s decision-making.

These Data Gathering, Transfering, Storing, Analyzing or Visualizing activities can be summarized as a Data Value Chain.

Data Value Chain consisting of gathering, transferring, storing, analyzing and visualizing data. This structure is one among many possible data value chain concepts.

While SatSure is highly innovative in some areas along the Data Value Chain (e.g. in the satellite data ANALYTICS and STORAGE parts), it mostly integrates the technological advancements of other companies along other parts of the Data Value Chain.

This is why SatSure defines its value CREATION focus (i.e. value proposition) as Decision Model Innovation.

Decision Model Innovation is the little brother of business model innovation and helps companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors in case their product or process innovation and even business model innovation don’t do the trick anymore…we call such situations converging industries where products and services become increasingly commoditized. In the digital realm, the data value chain is mostly the only possibility to differentiate your company from your competitors.
(Read more about Decision Model Innovation in Converging Industries HERE).

Such a Decision Model Innovation approach requires your company to truly listen to the decision-making challenges of your clients — not to sell your products or services at the lowest costs or to differentiate just through marketing & sales.

In a nutshell, Decision Intelligence means you focus on the decision-making challenges of your clients as your ongoing company mission while your value proposition is the continued Decision Model Innovation that you offer. Decision Model Innovation requires that you are constantly scanning the Data Value Chain for new innovative solutions along its elements of data gathering, transferring, storing, analyzing and visualizing.

The consequence of such an approach is that you need to think in technology & business ecosystems to make sure that you can always offer your customers the best possible decisions model innovation. That’s what SatSure does on an ongoing basis to complete its mission.




Faculty, Board Member, Investor — Entrepreneurial Scholar

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Roger Moser

Roger Moser

Faculty, Board Member, Investor — Entrepreneurial Scholar

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